Energy Efficiency

At Cherry Ridge Construction we stand by a philosophy of quality, craftsmanship and value. Over time, we have created our own set of standards for home building. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

As part of our standards, we are committed to building Energy Efficient Homes. We work with a third party vendor to rate our homes by completing various Energy Star tests.

Energy Efficient Homes Pay Off

Energy Efficient Home Builder Omaha Council BluffsWhat does Energy Star Efficiency mean for you the homeowner? Homes built to Energy Star standards have been proven over time to lower utility bills for the homeowner and to qualify for certain tax rebates depending on the location.

How we build energy efficient homes.

  • Windows – we install windows that help keep heat from transferring in during the summer and out during the winter
  • Heating and Cooling Systems – we install high efficiency HVAC systems to maximize the cooling and heating output for the lowest energy costs
  • Insulation – we take extra care to install insulation systems that create an air flow barrier with the outside elements
  • Tight structures – we build homes tight filling in air gaps or openings that other contractors might overlook

Cherry Ridge Construction is an energy efficient home builder serving the entire Omaha-Council Bluffs metro area.

President, Chris Rochleau has earned the Certified Green Professional designation from the National Association of Home Builders. This designation is reserved for builders who practice green building and undergo an ongoing rigorous training program involving all details of energy efficient construction practices.